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            How to adjust the small excitation force of the vibration motor

            How to adjust the small excitation force of the vibration motor

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            Centrifugal force is too small vibration motor vibration machine is a lot of users often encounter and how to solve this problem . In fact, the factory vibration motor excitation force were raised to 80% , it takes seaborne ( export ) Centrifugal force raised to 0% . When used according to the following steps to adjust :

            1, the horizontal vibration motor :

            ( 1 ) , loosen the screws fastening the protective cover , remove both ends of the shield ;

            ( 2 ) , the exciting force is less than MV50-2, MV50-4, MV50-6, vibration motor MV30-8 (not included in this four specifications ) , the outer eccentric adjustable block , surface mounted marked Max.centrifugal force percentage scale , the eccentric block is fixed blocks are pressed using the fastening bolts on the motor shaft . Both end surfaces of the shaft engraved baseline. Loosen the outer sides of eccentric bolts , with the outer sides of the eccentric rotation , so that the shaft groove aligned exciting force eccentric ruler engraved lines on the outside , to the required excitation force , tighten the outer eccentric block bolts , fitted with protective cover ;

            ( 3 ) Centrifugal force is greater than or equal to MV50-2, MV50-4, MV50-6, the vibration motor MV30-8 ( containing the four specifications ) , the outer eccentric fixed block fixed to the rotary shaft with a key , not rotation. The adjustable eccentric block , with the outer surface excitation force marked the biggest percentage scale , using the fastening bolts pressed on the motor shaft . Loosen the sides of the eccentric bolts , on both sides of the eccentric rotating in the same direction , so that the exciting force eccentric ruler engraved lines on the alignment of the outer eccentric slit , to the required excitation force , tighten the eccentric bolts , fitted with protective cover ;

            Note : Except for special applications , the position of the motor shaft at both ends of the eccentric vibration must correspond to both ends of the eccentric set percentage must be equal , otherwise vibration motor generates a huge mistake to exciting force , vibration motor mechanical damage .

            2, the vertical vibration motor :

            ( 1 ) exciting force adjustment: Remove the additional block bolts to adjust the exciting force by increasing or decreasing the number of additional blocks ;Adjusting 

            ( 2 ) the eccentric angle : the eccentric block is a fixed block , the next block is an adjustable eccentric , the use of fastening bolts are pressed against the motor shaft . Engraved on the surface of the shaft ends of the baseline , with the outer surface under eccentric ruler marked rotation angle , spin Panasonic eccentric bolts , turn the eccentric block , so that the eccentric angle on the basis of the scale engraved reticle alignment of the shaft lines, adjusted to the desired angle and tighten the lower eccentric bolts ; For adjusting the eccentric angle , but also can adjust the corresponding method .

            3 Connect the power

            A vibration motor cables due to withstand vibration , so should use heavy-duty four -core cable , do not allow a sudden bend near the cable exit, have a 8-9 times greater than the outer diameter of the cable bend radius , and then the cable is not fixed to a stationary moving machine or frame . Its distance is about 0.6 meters to 0.9 meters. In the cable clamp should be fixed at the pad with soft insulating material , in order to avoid friction damage to the cable. Four core cable ground wire , one end of the junction box is connected to the grounding screw , the other end must be grounded . Small models vibration motor, chassis no junction box, using heavy three-core cable connection directly from inside the motor. In the vicinity of the motor foot with a ground screw , must be grounded when in use.

            Note: The vibration motor cable outlet for the wearing parts, often due to vibration friction damage, leading to motor phase operation, damage to the motor . Users should always check the condition of the cable , should be replaced if worn the same type cable.

            Try to do once every three months plus oil , if used for too long ( discretionary add )