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            How to choose concrete vibrating machinery?

            How to choose concrete vibrating machinery?

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            First, the choice of the form of power


            Widely used in construction of electric vibrators , when the site is only single-phase power , but should be used with series motor vibrator ; when three-phase power , you can choose a variety of electric vibrator. There is gas in the work environment , you must select pneumatic vibrator to ensure safety. If you stay away from the town , there is no temporary construction power , you can use the internal combustion vibrator.


            Reasonable choice of two structural forms


            A large area of concrete foundation columns, beams , walls, the thickness of the larger boards, and prefabricated tamping work , the choice of vibrators ; reinforced concrete or thin dense structure, and should not be used vibrators place , optional attached vibrator ; surface area is large and flat structures , such as the ground , roof, road surface , etc., usually used flatbed vibrator. The precast reinforced concrete hollow slab production plants , flat and small components such as the thickness of beams and columns , then use the shaking table can receive fast and efficient tamping effect.


            Third, the choice of plug-in vibrators


             Vibration frequency of the vibrator is an important factor tamping effect , only the same natural frequency concrete vibrator vibration frequency of particles or similar , in order to achieve optimal tamping effect. Since the resonance frequency of the particles depends on the particle size , the higher the lower the natural frequency of large size , small size of the self- resonant frequency , so for a large aggregate particles and smooth concrete should be used in low frequency , large amplitude vibrations plug devices .

            Dry concrete should use high-frequency vibrators can improve tap effect, increasing liquefaction , expanding the scope of tamping , tamping narrow time , but not for larger fluidity concrete , otherwise will produce concrete segregation . According to the composition of concrete construction , and use high-frequency vibrator is more appropriate . Vibrators use more flexible shaft -type structure , lightweight and flexible, can be a single person to carry and use , on the upper and lower floors or through narrow spaces and other channels can adapt , transfer is very convenient , it is suitable for building construction in grassroots units.