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            Vibration motor temperature protection and preparedness issues resolved

            Vibration motor temperature protection and preparedness issues resolved

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            Vibration motor temperature protection and preparedness to resolve a lot of issues related to the use of vibrating motors friends all know , the vibration motor as a large mechanical machinery , good defense and affordable approach to protect the temperature is very indispensable , Bu Wei guarantee effective vibration motor running , also prevent bad accidents , because most of the vibration motor office background is despicable , dust, if the defense shield tightly closed lax, very easy to get into dust -induced friction operation unjust block , so burning to destroy the motor. So in an office background despicable place , tightly closed to increase the preparedness of a protective cover , two to organize preparedness often completely inside the dust shield . This is , vibration motor transport facilities material temperature not too high. Since the vibration motor and facilities are rigid petition , it can be described as a group, if the temperature is too high facility transportation of materials , it is easy to motivate the vibration motor and chassis ground temperature increases , leading to cooling difficult, and therefore the destruction of the motor burning . Should do the following precautionary approach : 1 , without prejudice to the facilities office premise , try to make the vibration motor away from the high-temperature materials ; 2 ways to reduce the temperature of the material .